1. – Do we send our orders?

    Yes ofcource we do we like you to come back and leave us a great review so we grow more

  2. – Why Crypto?

    We use crypto becource big creditcard company’s don’t like cannabis and we think its the best way anomous fast and minimum fees

  3. – Are the gummies strong?

    Yes as a starter you sould take half a gummie and wait a hour with taking more! our best seller is 30mg so take 15mg first time.
    USERS INSTRUCTIONS(click here)

  4. – Are the vapes natural terpenes?

    Yes they are

  5. Why is my order e-mail not arrived?

    The order is processed when the crypto payment is done sometime it can take hours before the payment arrives the moment it does the email comes in your mailbox. So patience is key

  6. How do i pay with crypto

    It’s easier then you think we have a page with instuctions have a look the main thing is getting a crypto app on your mobile becource you have to scan the qr code when you want to do a payment. Crypto how to page